Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Has it really been a month since I've posted?

It's true what they say about moms - we are busy people!
I can't believe I've been absent from posting for a month. Shameful!

Here are some quick things that have gone through my noggin over the past month:
  • Hannah is still freaking incredible. And just when I'm not sure she can get any cuter, she does. She's cuter today than she was yesterday. And more yesterday than the day before. It makes me excited for tomorrow.
  • As I sit here Hannah is sitting in her crib, settling in for the night. She is playing with her purple talking stuffed toy puppy Violet. At this moment, Hannah has no idea that I know exactly what she's doing right now. She is sitting in the dark, whispering gibberish to a stuffed puppy that is playing chimes from its belly. She is content, safe. I am practically crying I'm so in love with her. I think this is how God feels.
  • The Missouri Botanical Gardens is amazing not only because the landscaping is breathtaking but because they also have a child area where people like Hannah can wander around, build, play, explore, eat wood chips, get wet, etc. and people like me and my husband and Neal and Emily can watch.
  • You can't change people. Only how you react to them.
  • I need to start the morning with a 15 minute meditation if I expect to enjoy mornings.
  • Even though I have anxiety, I also have wine. And that helps sometimes.
  • People can really misunderstand me sometimes.
  • I am the only thing that is preventing me from losing weight, and I just haven't made the decision to get out of my own way yet.
  • My husband deserves a lot of happiness and I think that it is great that he agrees. I think more people should live like he does.
  • God always gives me the strength I need when I don't think I can find it for myself.
That is it for now. Hopefully I'll be back again soon.

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