Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Storks and stomachs

Tonight my mom and I went to a baby consignment sale called the Stork Lady, where millions of gently-used items are up for grabs on the cheap all throughout the store semi-annually. It was exciting and overwhelming to see all of the items everywhere - to think that my little stomach nugget would be using all that stuff! It's still surreal. I bought a few maternity shirts and some odds/ends but without knowing Francis' gender yet it's hard to purchase too many other's a bit surprising how many baby items are not gender neutral - unless you want earth tones (so your baby can look like a little hippie) or black (so your baby can look like a trench coat kid). I feel like we're missing a lot of the ROY G BIV in baby goods.

My mom is such a doll. First, she carried my bags around, and, second, she paid for half of my purchases! We were both gawking at how suddenly my stomach has jutted out and I think we are both convinced now I'm either having twins or I'm further along than we thought. Or perhaps it's just now sinking in that I really am pregnant, which is kind of weird and shocking. Our next doctor's visit is just 4 days away, so we'll see what they have to say about it.

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