Friday, September 30, 2011

Stomach stretching in motion!

It's time to show some stomach action...

Here I am with just 6 weeks of baby in my belly:
6 weeks pregnant
 And here I am again as an oven with 10 weeks of bun:
10 weeks pregnant
 Finally, the most recent picture taken just this morning, with 14 weeks of baby growing experience under my belt (or above my belt, technically!):
14 weeks pregnant
Now, you may notice a significant difference in the amount of stretching the yellow tank top is doing. DO NOT WORRY - THIS IS NORMAL. Apparently as the baby grows, my stomach is supposed to jut out to semi-awkward distances. However, I do prefer the 14 week "this is supposed to be there" stomach look over the 10 week "I drank a case of beer last night" look.

More to come soon enough!

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