Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, we're not done with the yellow tank top yet!

I've decided to track my return to my normal figure, and what better way to do that than with the yellow tank top pics?

You may recall that in week 39, the yellow tank top was struggling in a life or death battle to survive, each thread pulling against the next, praying for mercy.

39 weeks, zoiks!
I'm pleased to present the first of hopefully many pics of my progress returning to form:
8 days post-labor
This photo was taken on 4-10-12, just 8 small days after Hannah was evicted from my womb. I won't post my weight because I'm a female like that, but I will tell you that I have already shed 33.5 lbs! I know - that's pretty much what they want a woman to gain total during the entire pregnancy. Lay off me. And naturally, much of that is attributed to Hannah and the additional body growths that helped her develop inside of me, plus I was water-logged like a big human sponge, but I am happy with that immediate progress nonetheless! You can tell my face has thinned out and my eyes have regained some life. My stomach continues to deflate daily and I have actually seen my ankles. There probably is not a bikini in my future this summer, but I'll just be glad to get in some non-maternity pants again eventually!

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  1. Looking good Reebs! Hang in there my friend! Hugs


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