Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scenes from the Annual GrisWalter Christmas Tree Chop.

Oh Christmas tree. Oh. Christmas tree. I want to touch your branches.

I have a sweet little angel baby all tucked up in her crib with her bottom in the air, her tummy full of the delicious carrots that I cooked and pureed for her tonight. The dishwasher is buzzing, little scrubbing bubbles vaporizing remnants from tonight's delicious Alfredo, suds splooshing all about like it does in those illustrations you see on the TV commercials. Jason's on the couch strumming his precious guitar, Mabel. He's playing along with the music coming from the television. F chords when it's intense. A minor when it's sad. D chords when it's pleasant. Benson's all curled up next to him, licking his paws. We sip our night caps and watch a recording of our favorite show, Intervention. It's the holidays and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I love me some holidays.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is my family's annual tree hunt n' chop. It's very Griswold, and my maiden name is Walter, so we refer to our family as the GrisWalter's this time of year.

This year we ventured out to a tree farm in Old Monroe, MO. It was fantastic! My brothers and Jason like to throw a football around among the trees, using their creativity to come up with different obstacles and tricks. Injuries abound. Christmas cheer is everywhere. They're quite clever with the games they play. I spend most of my time taking pictures with my sister and sister-in-law. My parents are the only ones who actually look for a tree. Hannah got a kick out of the adventure. There was so much to look at! Trees for as far as the eye could see, alpacas and horses on a neighboring farm, Christmas decorations and lights, and some people she loves.

Here are a few select photos from the grand event!

Aunt Sarah holds onto a famous baby

Shortly after this picture was taken, Jason tackled a tree

Uncle Jeremy needed a better view

Grandma doesn't like being on the other side of the camera, so this what most of my pictures of her look like

Me and two of my favorite ladies, Aunt Cup and Baby H

She'll grow into it

Daddy and baby out on the farm hunting trees

Grandpa feels right at home on the farm

"That's how we got into this mess!"

Mommy, daddy, and baby discovering grass

Look at that BIG girl standing up!

Uncle Jeremy Manning

There are three cute people in this hug, one of them is in the oven on the right - yay "pickle!"

You'd think there was a baby in that stroller or something

What a wonderful world it is

Me and my snnnisters

Daddy gets whacked in the head with Grandma's camera, Hannah falls victim as well

Grandpa harvested a tree

Me and my little ladybug

First one to look away loses

Beautiful day on the farm

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