Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ladybug is 8 months old and I am 2 days late telling you.

Get off my case about the timeliness already! I'm doing my best! (I said to myself.)

Hannah crossed the 8 month line last Sunday, 12/2. She's such an adult now. I think the only thing that's holding her back is her height. Otherwise she'd be driving, working a fast food job, and voting. Or doing other things. She's probably not getting any taller because she's constantly sick. It's hard for a body to focus on growth when it's focused on battling perpetual illness. We took her, yet again, to the pediatrician yesterday. She just can't overcome this cough of hers. The nurse practitioner scoped her ears and - yep! - we've got an ear infection. Again? Still? I don't know. I hate giving her medicine but I have to continuously weigh that against the alternative of her remaining sick or growing weaker. I'm trying to figure out what the catch is here. Am I supposed to surrender to this? Are all babies sick their entire first 8 months of their life? Or is this just the 50% of her that came from me? I do have an update on my ailing back, but I am not prepared to share just yet. I need to provide visual aids, and that takes effort I'm not willing to commit to a post yet. However, I will leave you with this very adorable picture of me, Jason, and our darling little ladybug. Good night, all.

Hannah, the 8 month old adult

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