Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Now that Hannah's almost 8 months old, I will share her 6/7 month photos.

I am behind on Hannah updates, am I not?

We went big time for Hannah's 6 month photos and hired a real deal photographer, my friend Heather Hanna Glennon. She does good work! Naturally, Hannah spent the full month of October sick, so we started the photo shoot when she was 6 months old, called it quits after a few shots because she was cold, sick, and screaming, and we wrapped it all up after she turned 7 months old. I like to think we got two months covered for the price of one.





She has grown up so much in the past few months. She...
  • says "mama" and "dada" (still not sure she knows who she's referring to, but sometimes she gets it right so we go with it)
  • recognizes people and gets excited about them
  • sits unsupported
  • army crawls, still doesn't lift her stomach, however, she...
  • pulls herself to standing, so we think she plans on bypassing the whole authentic crawling thing
  • eats some solid (liquefied solid) food
  • squeals and carries on wildly
  • naps a lot, lot less than she used to
  • becomes "boingy boingy baby" in her jumper toy in the living room for lengths of time
  • refuses to let us change her diaper without a fight
  • loves getting books read to her
  • has separation anxiety when her loved ones leave the room
  • squeezes faces to show affection
  • makes my family feel whole and I can't imagine life without her
I've been blessed. I'm exhausted, but blessed.

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