Sunday, February 10, 2013

You make me feel like a natural woman.

Not you, Herbal Essences shampoo! Food. Delicious, amazing, quirky, seemingly-complicated-but-really-not food. Jason and I are wrapping up day 5 of the Whole 30 food program and I feel like my insides are filled with awesome.

It has been hard at times, but most great payoffs have a challenging path. Jason and I overcame a major hurdle this weekend by going to our niece's 1st birthday party in Illinois and staying on plan. If you've ever tasted my in-laws' food you would know what a tremendous accomplishment this is. Their food is decadent and delicious. They had this incredible-looking layered cake that I wanted to nose dive in. I ate oranges instead. Yes, oranges, in the moment and comparatively, were dull. But I actually found them to be delicious, and when it was all over and the cake was gone, I felt better for hours. Basically, I traded a few indulgent minutes of cake eating for a few great hours of pride.

I'm not hungry. In fact, I feel satisfied after my high protein, veggie filled meals for far longer than I would when I carb-loaded.

My energy is up. My body lacks a sense of bloating. I have been sleeping well through the night. I am really enjoying hunting for recipes and experiencing new foods that I would have never even entertained before. Tonight I made an amazing spaghetti squash with meatballs. I did not miss pasta and I felt completely full and content after a modest plate.

My clothes feel looser but I'm still not going to weigh myself until March 8th. Jason looks skinnier and feels pretty dang good too. I hope that any difficulty I'm facing with food is easy to overcome in the next few weeks.

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