Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rebecca Blowfish

Missing: ANKLES.

I was JUST telling a coworker this past Tuesday that I had been fortunate enough to avoid a lot of foot and ankle swelling this pregnancy, and - lo and behold - I get home that eve, pry off my shoes, and my feet look like this:

Muppet feet
My legs have swallowed my ankles. I have cankles. My feet are poofy and you can leave a dent in them if you poke them with your finger. My toes look like lil smokies. And the swelling is here to's a few days past Tuesday and I have lost usability of most of my shoes in my closet.
In fact, it's not just swelling in the footal upper leg/knee region has puffed, my hands have exploded, and someone pointed out today that my face also looks swollen. Neat.

I am Rebecca Blowfish.

"Hoooold myyyy [enlarged and water-logged] haaaand"

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