Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reverse turtle shell stomach

So I've been having these Braxton Hicks contractions over the past couple of months, but lately they have gotten a bit more frequent and a bit more intense. I like the fact that they are named after a male, John Braxton Hicks. If John actually had a clue what they felt like, I think he would have chosen a more colorful label for these bad boys. Here's what I would have suggested to ol' John if I had been around in 1872 to do so:
  • Reverse turtle shell stomach
  • Belly helmet
  • Superhero abs sans muscles
  • Candy coated baby cover
  • Instant armor gut
  • Preggo on the half shell
That would make a lot more sense.

You can't see the contractions from the outside, but if they were visible they would look like this in the stomach spot:
This dude is having a full body contraction

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