Friday, June 14, 2013 far...

This is a picture of me taken less than 1 minute ago, after struggling for 15 minutes in the car in the hot garage to adjust Hannah's car seat because I want to take her to the Loop to shop. After I picked her up out of the water puddle she was sitting in in the front yard. After she ate mud while I was watering plants. After I just got done cleaning up A new pee stain from Benson. After hosing poop off a bath mat in the backyard. After I finally got her bathed after she pooped in the tub and then pooped on the floor and started playing with it while I was cleaning the tub. After she got yogurt in her hair, eyes, ears, and some in her mouth. After I cleaned out her bloody and waxy ears. After she fell off the tiny chair in the living room and smashed her face/nose against the dry bar. So, you know, I have been trying to get out the door all morning but all that happened!

And now I'm getting gas because the light came on and deciding its probably too close to Hannah's nap time so we're just gonna go back home. Oh, the hilarity ensues!

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