Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I have always loved Christmas despite the fact that I loathe cold weather. I love the spirit, the reflection on Jesus, the songs, the décor, the magic of all the weird Santa traditions...all of that. But, I have to say, having a 20 month old who is witnessing all of the Christmas magic for the first time puts an incredible new light on the whole thing.

Every time Hannah enters our house now, she points to the Christmas tree and says "open." We have deduced that she is trying to tell us to turn it "on" - she LOVES the lights. So, we turn the tree lights on first, and then she walks over to a little Snowman statue we have that has a tiny little train that circles a tiny little lit up town in its belly. She says "choo choo" which means she wants us to turn that thing on as well. Of course, we oblige. She gets an enormous kick out of it. Then she walks over to the fire place and says "fire on, fire on" because she wants us to get a fire going. We start it up, and she will sit there and say "hot" repeatedly, then blow on it (because that's what we do with our hot food!).

It's all so incredible, and it makes the season so beautiful to see it through her precious little eyeballs.


  1. What a touching post about a mother's joy at seeing her baby girl discover all of the magic of the Christmas season. The only thing missing was a picture of her standing next to her favorite Christmas tree. Go ahead....we'll wait :)


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