Wednesday, December 18, 2013

While you were "sleeping"

My doll baby, Hannah...

I picked you up from daycare today a bit early because I wanted you to nap at home. It gives me immense comfort when I know exactly how well you are sleeping during your naps, you've been a little under the weather, and there was a confimed case of RSV in your class yesterday. All reasons to have you home with me.

So I am sitting here at the desk in the den, logging back into my work computer. You are down for your nap, and I can hear quite the little commotion coming from the monitor.

You sleep with somewhere around a thousand stuffed animals in your bed. You like to take care of them. Your favorite being, of course, Piggy, who takes up half the bed. I can hear you in there talking to your stuffed animals. I see on the monitor display that you are lining the stuffed animals across your pillow, saying "Nigh-night" to each one. You make my heart sing, baby.

You snuggle into Piggy and make squealing noises. You lay down and start kicking the side of the crib, just for fun. Then I see you sit up, pull your sock off, and put it into your mouth. You put it in and take it out and put it in and take it out. I hear you say, "acky" - your word for "gross." You throw the sock out of the crib and say, "Uh-oh." It wasn't an accident, but that's what you say when you throw something down on purpose.

You stand up, hold onto the side rails, and start jumping on your bed. Your binky falls out of the crib and onto the floor, and I hear, "Ohhhhh nooooo! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!" Then more jumping. Then you sit down.

You pick up one of your stuffed animals and start to sing to him. "Poo poo poo poo. Doo-pee-doo-pee doo dooo doooooo." I'm sure he appreciates it.

I'm so happy you're such a happy girl. I love you so much.

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