Friday, December 6, 2013


One morning several weeks ago, Jason & I very innocently thought that we would enjoy a nice family Cracker Barrel breakfast. As any American knows, in order to get to the restaurant section of Cracker Barrel, you have to first take a trip through the store side. Or, as I like to think of it, the black hole for country nostalgia.

It was a Sunday morning so the place was packed. We were already sweating the concept of eating in cramped quarters with our tiny boss-lady. And then, just as we walk in with Hannah securely carried in her father's arms, right in front of the entryway...Hannah meets Piggy.

Instant obsession.

Piggy is not a normal stuffed animal. Piggy is almost twice Hannah's size. Hannah death gripped Piggy, clutching him like he might otherwise get sucked into the center of an EF5 tornado.

Luckily for Hannah, Piggy came with a bargain price tag of only $9.99. A steal for this much stuffed joy, really! So, Piggy not only joined us for breakfast that morning. Piggy Rutherford joined our family for ever.

On his first day with us, he joined us at the grocery store.

Then, the next day, she took him to daycare with her. But, Piggy wound up spending the bulk of the day in the closet because the kids were allegedly scuffling over him.

Piggy joins us for meals and has his own chair next to Hannah.

Piggy rides a horse.

Piggy is a pal.

Piggy helps put farm themed puzzle pieces in place. Naturally, he got to insert the piece of the pig.

Piggy chills on play room window sills.

Piggy sleeps in Hannah's bed and there is barely enough room for her beside him.

Piggy gets books read to him...mostly about animals.

Piggy likes to admire the Christmas tree.

At times, Piggy even goes in to hug the tree.

And, of course, Piggy makes me look extra cool when he is my lone passenger in the car.

Piggy, thanks for all of the joy you have brought my little girl. You're a good pig.

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