Friday, September 14, 2012

Hannah Land: A chapped ass, a curve ball, and banana for Hannah

Today was a big day in Hannah Land. Three major events took place.

Number one has to do with number two...
Hannah is teething. Teething leads to pooping. Pooping leads to diaper rash. Diaper rash leads to a chapped ass. A chapped ass leads to NO PANTS FRIDAY! Apparently the best thing for diaper rash is good old fashioned air. So, I let Hannah hang out on some towels with her little red fanny free to feel the breeze. I am pretty sure she loved it. Perhaps I just loved it for her. I would have indulged as well but for whatever reason I don't think the neighbors would have found it as charming if anyone were able to see in the windows. I do think the day of butt oxygen helped. Her tush looks less like Freddy Krueger's face now.

Number two has nothing to do with poop...
You wouldn't believe it but my little 5-month old lady has quite the right arm on her. She can fling the ball swiftly and accurately. Don't believe me? Watch this video of her playing ball with her daddy. She worked her curve ball and sinker and caught Jason looking with her famous high and inside pitch. Or something.

Number three looks like a number two only it doesn't smell like one...(excuse me for being so fecal today - I'm double-O-C out-of-control with these poop references)
You may recall that we struck out majorly when we tried the rice cereal. That experience intimidated us into not trying any sort of non-formula meals for awhile. But, today seemed like the right day since she was dominating every other aspect of life. It went incredibly well. She was scared of the presentation of the food at first and wasn't sure what to do with the spoon, but she seemed to love the taste. She gobbled up an entire little container of banana after her meal of formula. I think we're going to never feed her rice cereal again and stick with the stuff that doesn't taste like puffed air.

Hannah eats banana!


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