Monday, August 6, 2012

Trying new things

Hannah tried a few new things this week.

First, we tried cereal. Want to know how that went? I will let this picture do the talking:

No me gusta!
Not sure how we're going to break her into cereal. We gave her about 3 spoonfuls and after it all wound up on her bib we called it quits and stuck a bottle in her mouth. I'm not sure I can hold it against her though. The cereal looked pretty lousy. It was just plain old Gerber rice cereal. No puffs. No marshmallows. No cocoa. We mixed it in with her formula and it was all watery and nasty looking. I asked Jason when we were going to try it again and he said we're not. That's going to be pretty awkward when she's going on dates (when she's 30, of course) and she has to tell her suitor that she still hasn't made it past the bottle.

Another new thing she discovered just today was her love of cartoons. We noticed recently that her head turns toward the TV when it's on, so today I decided to see how she'd react if I purposefully set her down in front of a kids' show. It went a bit like this:
Hannah Bear

All she's missing is a cold one and her lounge would be complete
As soon as the Care Bears hit the screen she didn't budge. Not a peep for about 12 minutes until she started talking at the TV. I'm pretty sure she felt she and the bears were on the same wave length. She was in a trance.

Speaking of trying new things, I went ahead and took a spinning class at the gym tonight. Holy crap. I can see why people drop major lbs by taking those classes. Unfortunately I won't be seeing any results on the scale from tonight's effort because, well, I went ahead and had McDonald's right after my workout. Oops.

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