Saturday, August 25, 2012

Warning burps

What? Puke? Me?

Spit happens, right? Most certainly with my baby. She spits up so much we go through anywhere from 2-3 outfits and 4-5 burp cloths a day. The daycare workers have each individually expressed concern, but our pediatrician is unfazed. She even launched a load of puke all over the pediatrician's table and the doctor didn't flinch. Hannah's still gaining plenty of weight, so apparently it's nothing to be worried about.

If there was a "best part" about this, the best part would be that before she hoovers she offers up what Jason and I call a warning burp. This little belch is your two second warning that a barf is about to ensue and you can either protect yourself or prepare to get soaked. I want to say it's cute, but that's an odd way to describe a pre-vomit alarm. Hopefully her throat-flapper-thing comes in soon so she can stop upchucking her formula (stuff's expensive, amIright?) but I have to say I might actually miss the warning burps.

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