Monday, August 13, 2012

Postpartum center progress

Last Friday 8/10 my mom and I took the first step toward getting a postpartum psychiatric center created in St. Louis. My mom set up a meeting for us with someone in patient relations at Mercy Hospital. I feel pretty optimistic about it. The woman we met with was very receptive to what we were saying and agreed that there was certainly a real need for something like this in St. Louis. She said the timing couldn't be better for us to bring this to Mercy because in January 2013 they are adding to their mother and baby care services by adding on to their facility and opening 31 new suites with the "ideal birthing environment." Our suggestion to continue providing much-needed services to women during the postpartum phase came at the right time. She also mentioned that they were looking to improve their current psychiatric facility by separating the women and men, which I thought was a good idea. She is meeting with an executive director, chairman of behavioral health, and the chairman of OBGYN in the next two weeks and intends to get back to us to let us know the results of those meetings. We sent her a follow up email this morning to thank her for her time last Friday and she responded in less than 2 minutes.

Prayers and crossed fingers, please!

please, please, please

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