Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ten things I thought about today, in no significant order

  1. My baby's cheeks are plump and take kisses well.
  2. Traffic does, in fact, move slower when I stress about it because that's just how karma works.
  3. I need to surrender to the fact that my feet grew during pregnancy and stop trying to wear old size 7 heels to work.
  4. For someone who claims to be anxious, I sure do enjoy a lot of highly caffeinated coffee in the morning.
  5. My husband is a very hard worker.
  6. Tired is not a good look for me.
  7. I enjoy the relationships I have in my life right now. They are positive and healthy.
  8. Hormones may have been the boss of me for the past few months, but I am genuinely believing now that I'm the president of Mutherworld and I will move beyond that time in my life.
  9. Sometimes I forget I have a dog at home, and that's not OK.
  10. I might not be willing to give up entertaining the idea of having more babies someday. It's too soon to make any bold statements about the subject, but I'm just not going to take it off the table without a solid fight. 
Bed time.

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