Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For always: A poem for my sweet Hannah girl

for always my baby

Sometimes I use the "Notes" app in my iPhone to jot down concepts, song ideas, poems, etc. I forgot I had written this poem for my little lady baby a couple of months ago and it made me happy tonight to stumble upon it.

"For always"
I will grow you
And show you the land
Create paper forests
Make mountains of sand
Hold you so closely
Let go of your hand
Cry with your cries
See the world through your eyes
I will protect you
And catch all your tears
Scare off all the ghosts
Put to rest all your fears
Savor the seconds
And cherish the years
Laugh when you're odd
Introduce you to God
I will defend you
Pretend I am young
Teach you to make
Your own words to the song
Let you be curious
Correct when you're wrong
I'll love you like crazy
For always my baby

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