Saturday, October 27, 2012

I have a soft spot for soft spots.

I freaking love babies.

Little known fact: I used to be scared of babies. Not in an evil clown sort of way. More like a here drink this flask of gin and drive this Aston Martin down a windy trail in the sleet way. They're just so fragile. I don't necessarily do well with fragile. But now that I have my own baby, I'm nuts about the things. Luckily for me, I have a loooot of friends who have babies now. All shapes and sizes. Babies, babies everywhere! It's awesome to see Hannah interact with babies. It's like when dogs see other dogs. Somehow they just know they're dealing with their "kind." I'd like to take this opportunity to feature a few babies with whom Hannah has the privilege of playing:

Julia Klasing

Born January 6th, Julia is just a couple days shy of being exactly 3 months older than Hannah. Since Hannah is a little bit incredibly large for her age, I feel like she and Julia are pretty compatible in size. It's stinking cute when they get together. They both like to touch faces, so it kind of becomes a battle of the baby face boops. I can't wait until they can both talk because I'm pretty sure Emily and I are going to sit them down together and let them talk baby gibberish until everyone in the room has wet themselves either due to laughter or incontinence.

Des Minder
Oh yeah, they were into it
We've already promised Hannah's hand to Des in marriage, so that's good. It just kind of makes the whole ordeal easier because we know that Cari and Matt have good genetics and Hannah brings a lot to the table. Now as the parents of the bride Jason and I will likely have to foot the bill, so Cari and I have already started talking about a destination wedding and I'm sure Cari - being the crafty and frugal girl she is - will help me cut some corners here and there. The Rutherford-Minder 2037 wedding is going to be incredible.

Callie Lanning
Hannah had a play date with Callie not too long ago and had such a blast! She and Callie got along swimmingly and Hannah thought Callie's toys were amazing. Callie and her parents, Leah and Colin, just moved to St. Louis so we plan to have a lot more fun with them all in the very near future. And get this...Colin's brother is married to Matt Minder's sister (did you follow that?) so that means that when Des and Hannah get married Hannah will be Callie's dad's brother's wife's brother's daughter-in-law! Ya know?

Lukas Keller and Lucy Norton
Lucy, Lukas, Julia, and Hannah, talking politics
The Nortons hosted us for some Friday night fun a couple of weeks ago and Hannah met new friends Lukas and Lucy. Julia was also there so Hannah got to exchange some baby face boops. We were all supposed to dress our babies up in their Halloween costumes but I had planned on swinging through a costume store on the way and since I thought it was at 6:00 and only realized it was at 4:00 at 3:52, Hannah went costume-less. Although, I must say, her hair in its current mohawk form coupled with her plaid and denim made her look a bit like the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars. The other babies got all decked and we had a blast!

Mykenna Rutherford
Cousins! And only a month-and-a-half apart. Since Hannah is a bit of a tank and Mykenna is a tiny little thing, they are in a similar league size-wise. In fact, I think Mykenna could inherit some of Hannah's hand-me-downs. Mykenna is a spunky little character with bright eyes, and she and Hannah use their big eyeballs to stare at each other for lengthy amounts of time when they're together. We had a little Skype session with Mykenna recently and she and Hannah were reaching at the screen for one another. It was pretty awesome. Can't wait to see how close they become as they grow.

And there are so many more babies for Hannah to play with...she has no idea how big her friend circle is yet! So many more baby face boops to come.

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