Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm with stupid.


I have a permanent case of baby brain. I've been so forgetful lately, and my head feels like a saturated sponge. It really has gotten worse since Hannah was born.

This blew to my feet in a parking lot. Or did I drop it? Either way, I've probably already posted this post-it.

I write post-it note reminders to myself and then forget where I put them.

I sent a "thank you" card twice to the same person for the same gift. Apparently I was really thankful.

I get six words into a sentence and can't remember what I was going to say.

Yesterday I tried to make a pot of coffee at work and forgot to put water in.

Today I had a headache, grabbed Tylenol from the break room, went back to my desk, headed to a meeting, came back and saw pills on my desk, hollered thanks to whichever one of my cube-mates had given me the Tylenol, and then remember it was me...I gave me the Tylenol. Then I decided not to take it in case I had already taken some and forgot.

I'm not safe for me to be around.

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