Monday, October 22, 2012

Our hysterically terrible attempt at making delightful memories.

Sometimes I get visions in my head about how something is supposed to go, and I still act shocked when it doesn't turn out that way. I should know better. I'm not meant to have things happen perfectly because it's too dang funny when they don't, and I can take a joke. Thanks, God.

I have a thing for fall. I love everything about it - the temperature, the glorious multi-colored backdrop of the trees, pumpkin stuff, bonfires, Oktoberfest beer, clothes that cover my limbs, football to fall asleep to, wine (loved year-round but especially at a winery during this time of year), school supplies all up in the Walmarts - OK, you get it. When we were looking for a new house three years ago I told Jason that I would give a neighborhood extra points on the probability chart if it looked like it would have good Halloweens.

So this year I was obviously very excited about the annual trip to the pumpkin patch now that we have our little Hannahpants to photograph. Oh man, I had all these pictures in my head and I was ready to get all sorts of momzilla up in that pumpkin patch. But here's how it went:

Ehhhhhhh, pummmmmkiiiiiiiinnnns

Nice, J

I look like Fabio and Hannah is unsure about me

Failed attempt at a family photo
Hannah rocks her 30 Seconds to Mars haircut

And then the wind picked up...

And this is how we ended it. Awesome!
Not what I had in mind. That was last Sunday the 14th. It was gorgeous and sunny that morning. When we arrived at the pumpkin patch it took us about 30 minutes to all find a place to park. During that time the wind picked up and a storm blew in. We did our best to squish in some photos but Hannah wasn't into the texture of the hay and had lost a sock in the Panda Express parking lot right before we got there. It dropped about ten degrees in seven minutes. Next thing we knew it was raining. Perfect.

We went home but I wasn't ready to surrender the dream. I was getting my baby-in-a-pumpkin-patch pictures if I had to paint a mural on my living room wall and fabricate the whole thing. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME FREAKING MEMORIES HERE, PEOPLE! Today I got my chance:

Hannah is still not feeling her best and didn't really "get" the whole thing, but she was a trooper. Most of the time. I would say her favorite parts were seeing the fluffy white dog in the checkout line and leaving. She still didn't care for the hay, and the lumpy orange balls did nothing for her. It was imperfectly awesome.

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  1. We had the weather issues when we went too- mostly that is was not fall-like at all and was way to hot to have Des in the Bjorn. The pumpkin patch we went to sort of sucked and he obviously couldn't have cared less about the whole thing but did look cute in his hat that day for pictures so it wasn't a total loss!


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