Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Say what, Hannah?

Hannah is a very conversational 26 month old girl. I didn't realize she could sing the ABC's in its entirety until she did so just last week:

Here are some of her other conversational antics that thrill us:

"Ife fream" with "frinkles" = ice cream with sprinkles

"I so silly" accompanied by a "huh-huh" laugh

"You want bite?" repeatedly as she holds food in your face and refuses to remove it so you're forced to eat.

"Just one mo ____!" or sometimes "two mo" if she is aggressively negotiating another episode of Dora or a bedtime book or whatever it may be.

"No do that!" when she doesn't want you to do something, which can include virtually anything at any time based on her mood, not excluding eating, sniffling, sneezing, laughing, etc.

Her desire to console includes asking me (or whoever) to cry if I'd like a hug, then she will say "Aww, Mommy crying!" Then she will hug me gently, sometimes give kisses, and say, "Feel better, Mommy. I take care you." Melt.

"I need ___." She thinks she needs everything. So, we tell her to ask nicely, to which she says, "Pwease, I need ___, pwease?"

We are trying to teach her to be a good listener, so sometimes when we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do and she knows she is being defiant she will holler, "I not good listener!"

Up until recent she would say "Dit up!" instead of "Get up" and "Pum on!" instead of "Come on" but unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose) she has cleared those up.

Hmm...so much more...I will have to add to this as I recall more!