Friday, March 16, 2012

Edamame, much like edema mommy

We used to frequent sushi establishments prior to the pregnancy (before sushi went on the "prohibited" list) and we'd consume a lot of edamame when we did. Edamame is an early-harvested soybean that is typically steamed and sprinkled with salt, and then you put it in your mouth, pop the beans out of the shell, chew, swallow, and smile with glee. It looks like this:
When I think about it, I kind of feel like edamame. I feel like I am the rubbery, tough but combustible shell covering a sweet little soybean that's begging to be popped out. I feel this way because of the edema that has settled in. I am the edema-mommy. Edema is a fancy word for "you're crazy swollen." Here's an illustration:

The foot on the right made the mistake of wearing sandals. Silly foot! You can't wear sandals with edema! Or shoes! Or socks! Just breathe, edema foot!

Here's a photo of someone's (not mine, promise!) fat edema foot with cankle on top:
Not my foot, but not too far off from what mine look like, except for the northbound big toe

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