Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hannah's haven!

Alright, here they are......drum roll...........photos of the nursery! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!
This room has quickly become my favorite in the house. Jason worked very hard on the wainscoting, and we painted the royal plum together back when I could lift things (including myself). Lots of love went into making this a dreamy place to put our little Hannah.

View upon entry - owl buddy on the glider, Hannah letters Aunt Sarah painted above the crib, dresser/changing table
Sock monkey holding down the bookshelf with MANY a book donated from friends and family...Hannah's first library
Picture I painted - above the dresser/changing table
Sock monkey on bookshelf beneath painting I made to accompany the other painting
Chandelier with shades I crafted using hot glue, ribbon, beads, and love
Another view upon entry
Dresser/changing table next to a light and airy window
Wall shelves (w/ unicorn, of course), chocolate glider, crib, and Hannah letters from Aunt Sarah


  1. This made me tear up!! It is so pretty!! What a blessed little girl to have you guys as parents!

  2. Wow guys! This room is amazing! It just goes to show, if you put this much effort in to making a beautiful room, imagine how much effort you will put in to raising a beautiful, talented, well-mannered little gal;) She's so lucky! Can I come back in my next life as one of your children?! Please!

    From Holly B

  3. Thanks so much, Holly! That is so sweet! We would love you to be one of our next-life children. :)


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