Saturday, March 3, 2012

Showered and ready to go!

I'm drenched with love.

I have been blessed with 1, 2, 3 fabulous baby showers.

Shower 1) Lincoln, IL - January 7, 2012
My sister-in-law, Nicole, and I were thrown a dual shower by Jason's family. The event was held in conjunction with their family Christmas, so plenty of people were present. My mom and my sister also made the trek up to L-Town, which was incredibly nice of them. A couple of scenes from the shower:
Hannah Sophia blanket, hand-crafted by my MIL
Exaggerated suck-in face, accentuated fat belly, pink baby-themed Christmas tree, gifticles

Nicole and I - getting gifted

Shower 2) InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions in Fenton, MO - February 10, 2012

My friends from work, Kristine and Shayne, threw me one heck of a shower. I was so touched by the number of coworkers who came together to congratulate me and welcome Hannah into the world. It was clear how much detail Kristine and Shayne put into the event - they sure know how to make a girl feel special.

Purple owl streamers that I hear Kristine literally spent hours piecing together herself (a perfect fit for the nursery theme)
Adorably delicious owl cake and strawberry punch that I would have swam in had it not been a possible HR issue
Opening my InteliSpend onesie whilst sitting in the ugly light besides some phenomenal gifts (note the pack n play, for one)
Shower 3) St. Louis, MO - February 26, 2012

I know people say they love their family and their family is the best yada yada yada...but I feel like I have the right to be cocky about mine. They are downright fantastic, and know how to throw a shindig! My mom, sister, aunts, and cousins all came together to bless me with a tremendous "welcome Hannah" party that makes me get all teary-faced when I think about how awesome it was. My Aunt Nancy generously opened up her gorgeous home to my dearest family and friends, and the effort they put into making the shower special was evident...from the delicious blue punch that had pink rubber duckies swimming in it, to the favors/cookies my sister designed, to the diaper cake, to the streamers, to the scrumptious food (Aunt Sue's potato salad gives me contractions it's so stinking good)...I felt the love everywhere. My in-laws even drove on in from L-Town and I got to meet my cute new niece Mykenna (what baby shower is complete without a baby at it?). And the gifts we received were flat-out overwhelming! We have more than what we need now. Just add baby!

So cute you almost wouldn't want to eat it except for the fact that it was the ever-incredible CostCo cake so you pretty much have to or else it would be a sin
Some of the pal-i-leo's
More gal-pals
And more friendsicles
Aunt Sarah HOOKED it up!
Cousin Bobbi's handmade blankie - so cute
And another amazing handmade blanket from the Faser's - such skill!
Courtesy of Kelly Bristol - 31 diaper bag filled with goods, including the wine from my "Friar Tuck registry"
The gals behind the glorious event - my Aunt Nancy, mom, Aunt Sue, and Aunt Kathy - muah!
Aunt Sarah, swollen pregnant lady lookin' like Grimace, Grandma Di


  1. So happy you had so many wonderful parties for you and Hannah! You absolutely deserve it!


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