Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy due date day!

The app is telling me today is the day. Oh yeah, app? (The app also says adorable aliens are in my phone. Hmm.)

Welp, today is Hannah's due date, and she still isn't here to celebrate it with us! We're going to celebrate anyway. Jason bought me a delicious IHOP breakfast to start off the day, and then we took Benson to the dog park for a morning of sniffing/scratching/barking/running/more sniffing. That about takes us to where we are now. Kelly, the doll, is going to be dropping by later to bring us some 'happy due date' brownies. In the meantime, my fat feet are up on the couch and I'm just going to sit here and contract like a chump until Jason gets back from the gym and entertains me. C'est la vie!

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