Monday, March 18, 2013

Hannah in her eleventh month out of my big weird belly.

I like to hear how long it took other women's bodies to recover from their pregnancy because I'm in my eleventh postpartum month and stuff still ain't right. Jason sometimes catches me pinching some of the extra fluff hanging on where my abs used to be. The adorable little mole that used to sit beside my belly button looks like a splotch of old brown concrete gum. My belly button looks like a puckered mouth. Do they make Lifestyle Lifts for stomachs? I am not interested in liposuction. I bet if I stood outside shirtless during a windstorm my belly would flap in the breeze. IT WOULD FLAP IN THE BREEZE. Oh dear gawd.

OK, this is not about me. This is about Hannah! She's 11 months old. In just a handful of days she will be a whole year old, and I will probably cry a little/lot. Wahoo!

I did her 11 month photo shoot a little bit unconventionally. She's on the move, so I just went with her. She came home from daycare and I just followed her around the house on her normal evening adventures. We ate food. We drank bottles. We walked down the hallway, finger in hand. We visited many places we didn't belong in mommy and daddy's room. We tried to climb into the bathtub fully clothed. We played "smack the toys off the ledge" in the bathtub. Success.





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