Friday, March 29, 2013

Mom overboard!

Thar she goes!
Hannah's first of two first birthday parties is tomorrow, and if you're wondering why I haven't been posting over the last two weeks it's because I've been gettin' my CRAFT on, girl! Hannah, my little ladybug, needed to have a ladybug themed birthday party. And BY GOD I was going to give it to her! Really, though, I just love theme parties. And I love crafting, I just never have any reason to do it. The good thing about have a kid now is that I get to do all sorts of crafts and say that it's about the kids. It's for the kids! No. No it's not. Do I want Hannah to have a nice birthday party? Of course! But she will care about three things in the room: food, her friends and family paying attention to her, and the balloons. That will be the extent of her interest. But, like I just mentioned, it's not just about her. It's about me and my inner crafter who has been repressed for so long and is now being released into the bright cold wild like a skinny dipping Amish woman feeling refreshed for the very first time.

Y'all just wait for it. I will post some pictures. Don't fear. It's going to be all kinds of Pinterest-y over the top and I honor my sweet ladybug angel the way she deserves to be celebrated every day!

I was going to post some craft pictures here but my Ambien is kicking in so I need to stop communicating in any form immediately. Nothing good happens when I am sleep-typing. Although it would be a neat experinent if I could take my Ambien and make myself type all night and see what happens. Would any of my dreams get catpure
Thisis where I geta little bit more tired and an=jst wantt =o read sometihng about swimming in a lake

Ambein works fst!

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