Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Girl Scouts organization is a brilliant pyramid scheme run by bakers.

Or maybe Girl Scouts is really a product of the Weight Watchers organization? How else are they going to continue getting new members? One GS cookie is like four Weight Watchers points. For perspective, my Weight Watchers points target when I was on the wagon was 21 points/day. I could have had about five GS cookies and that's pretty much it for the day. I owe at least seven pounds on my body to Samoas/Caramel deLites. You'll notice the Wikipedia description of Caramel deLites uses the following language: "Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes."

LACED with chocolate stripes? Are "chocolate stripes" and "crack" synonymous in GS language?

Look at me pointing fingers. It's not their fault I ate an entire box of Caramel deLites yesterday in one sitting. It's my lack of self control. This is exactly why I need to detox from this type of food, as I mentioned a few posts ago. I felt really good at that time! Now I have a dunlop problem.

What's a dunlop problem?
My belly dun lopped over my jeans!!!!!
For the record, this is NOT me. But a few more boxes of GS cookies, and...
That's a pretty bad joke. Sorry.

So I have definitely not made my 30 day detox commitment, but instead I've made more of a lifestyle 85/15 commitment, meaning I will eat very clean the vast majority of the time but by god I am going to have some wine and a box of cookies now and then! And a boatload of toffee that my coworker made for my birthday today. And maybe a couple of bites of the ridiculous sopapilla that was in the break room today for "international food/dress" day at work.

Don't judge me! I eat mostly from the parameter of the grocery store and have managed to avoid a lot of dairy and processed food. We've also joined the YMCA so we can go as a family and swim and whatnot. I am really trying to work off the remaining baby belly considering it's been nearly a year since I was pregnant. Did I mention that Hannah is almost ONE???? Holy crap. I'm going to have some wine and cookies that day for sure.


  1. O...M...G....I also ate a whole box of Caramel Delites yesterday....

    1. Cari, sometimes it feels so good to be so bad. :)

  2. Those evil evil little cookies! Mike and I just realized that together we've spent over $60 on GS cookies so far!!! Yuck! I think I need an intervention for my addiction to Lemonades!

    Happy almost birthday lady!!!! Treat yourself to another box of Caramel deLites... You deserve it! :)

    1. Thank you, Stacey! I think I WILL have some Caramel deLites today! :)


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