Saturday, March 30, 2013

I slept in my glasses (a.k.a.: "a note about Ambien")

This, people. This is why the Ambien bottle advises you not to operate heavy machinery after you take it. The bottle should also tell you not to text, call, write anything in the public domain, or try to cook. Fortunately, I got off easy this time. Jason tells me this morning that I fell asleep last night with my glasses on. That's never happened. Then it hit me: I blogged. Oh, God, I blogged. Then I read yesterday's blog. Ha! Oops. Then I panicked again when I opened up my laptop to see Facebook pulled up. So far I don't see any traces of conversation from a sleep drunk girl but if you did receive a post, call, text, anything from me, please let me know.

No, I don't take sleeping pills often. It's a very rare occasion reserved for nights when I expect my mind to keep me awake on the eve before a day that needs my best. Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well - ate nothing but yogurt, a tiny bit of waffle, and some of Hannah's leftover smash cake from her photo shoot with Heather Hanna Photography. I started to get anxious about the fact that I was getting run down and I didn't want to miss Hannah's first birthday party. So to quiet my mind, I took one. Yeah, I did it. Guilty as charged. It's been several months since I took the last one. I forgot how quickly they kick in. Had I recalled, I probably wouldn't have opened the laptop thinking I could bust out a quick post.

The lesson here? Ambien is no joke. Use sparingly and away from communication mechanisms.

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