Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby brain, part 2

Here's a small list of a few dumb things I have done lately that I am blaming on baby brain:
  1. Ran an entire load of wash - with detergent added - without putting in clothing.
  2. Pointed my car key at the elevator and pressed the unlock button, thinking that would make the elevator door open.
  3. Spent half of a morning getting wrinkles out of a suit jacket for a meeting only to drop it in a heap on the way into the office and find it hanging on a random coat rack later, quite wrinkly and unwearable.
  4. Closed the garage door on my new car.
  5. At a lunch with some of my coworkers (4 female, 1 male, and one female being my boss), my one male coworker commented on another coworker's sandwich bun and how appetizing it looked. I then proceeded to ask him why he didn't prefer my bun, it was a perfectly good bun, is there something wrong with my bun??? Awkward.

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