Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Progess report:

Hallelujah for workplaces that close the week between Christmas and New Years!  We have made so much progress in the world o' baby over the past few days and beyond. Here's the latest...

1. We took care of daycare. After a scrutinizing review process, we have chosen West County Day School as the place that Hannah will spend 3 business days a week beginning in July. We like everything about this place from the cleanliness, structure, fun environment, staff, and location. The price isn't necessarily free but it's not the highest either. Hopefully Hannah will enjoy her time there.......and if not we will yank her out of there so fast and write terrible reviews about them online. Wheeeee!

2. The registry is complete. We've made a few online additions since we first started this adventure, but I believe we have officially registered for just about everything but the kitchen sink at Target and Babies R Us. There are a handful of things we left off on purpose (sorry but I don't want anyone buying me breastfeeding apparatus) but we've made up for it by registering for everything else under the sun.

3. Bedding has arrived. And, holy crap, is it cute! I located this fancy little number at Pottery Barn Kids and it completely threw off my whole nursery direction, but that's quite alright because I was having a hard time getting settled with the original concept.

Stinking adorable
4. Nursery is in surgery. I can't wait to post pictures of Hannah's room when it's done. Today, Jason and I painted the top half of the room "royal plum" and we've purchased the wainscoting bead board and chair rail that will go on the bottom half of the room. I'm sorry, but it's going to look fan-flippin'-tastic. Yay!

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