Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spongebeck Squareback

I'm not going to claim that I had some sort of Gisele Bundchen figure pre-pregnancy, but at least I had a shape. My waist was cinched where it needed to be, and my butt was in suitable proportion to the rest of my body. Now? Well, I just checked out my backside in the mirror, and I have decided that I look like this from that view:
Spongebeck Squareback
From behind, I look like a rectangle on top of two tiny walking sticks. However, from the front, I kind of look like a snake that stood up in the middle of swallowing a whole watermelon. From the side, I look like an upright isosceles triangle.

I've decided to take the exercise up a notch. It's not too hard to take it up when your starting notch is zero. I was in a pretty good routine before getting knocked up, but that first trimester derailed any regimen I had. And then I went ahead and capitalized on my status much of the second trimester. I may have gone on a few walks, and it's not like I've been just sitting on the couch eating Twix all day. I've actually kept pretty active. But, with the way my legs have been hurting lately and the fact that I've already pretty much gained the majority of the target weight for a pregnant person at my starting size, I think I need to get it in gear or else I'm going to find myself sinking to the bottom of the ocean living in a pineapple.

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