Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy new trimester!

TODAY, New Years Eve, marks the first day of our third trimester - wahoo! There are zero more trimesters after this one. We are in the homestretch! Here is the current pregnancy status as we begin the new year and new trimester:
  • Hannah likes to kick a lot. And jab. And stick her head or butt or some large part of her body out so that I can see it from the outside, which is both weird and spectacular.
  • My hands keep falling asleep. True, I am becoming more tired again all over, too. But for some odd reason my hands are out sleeping the rest of me these days.
  • It is possible that the sweet little stomach sleeper is dreaming. Apparently brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the REM phase where dreaming occurs. She's dreaming about pacifiers and Pampers, no doubt.
Other great news about this stage in pregnancy is that she would have a good prognosis even if born premature because her lungs have pretty much reach maturity. However, she is welcome to stick around in there for several more weeks because I need her to keep growing and her nursery furniture hasn't come in yet!

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