Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Each year brings about its share of praises, but I have high expectations for 2012. I will get to welcome into my life somewhere in the neighborhood of SIX new babies! Any minute now, I am expecting a notification from our friends the Klasings that their beautiful girl Julia has decided it is time to make her debut. Then, within the next couple of months Jason and I get to welcome our niece Mykenna into this world and become a first-time uncle/aunt. After this, we will be very ready for Hannah to join us in March/April, which will give us the most blessed new title to add to our resumes: PARENTS. Finally, late spring/early summer we get to meet our friends the Minders baby as well as expand our uncle/aunt-ness by meeting the identical twins my brother Jesse and sister-in-law Monica are having. OH MAN - that's a lot of awesome baby action in the first half of the year! 2011 was neat but how can it compete with what 2012 is bringing?

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