Thursday, January 19, 2012

Isn't that sweet?

I don't care what anyone says about how rewarding it is to be a giver...I also find receiving to be pretty darn gratifying! And just when I was feeling down and needed it most, I've had some pals cheer me up this week with their generosity.

On Tuesday, Jason sent me a cute little e-card thanking me for carrying his Hannah. It was such a nice gesture and it made me feel happy on the inside of my soul. He has been a good husband and a very good dad so far. He's been working hard on getting Hannah's room ready and helping me plan for her arrival, and he even bears with me and encourages me when I cry about my discomfort, which lately has been a bit more often than in previous trimesters!

Then, last night, my friend Lara surprised me with a gift of a fantastic Baby 411 book.

Expert-making book
 I started reading it last night and it appears to be a great guide for a bunch of the things I don't know about parenting. I'm excited to crack into this and basically become an expert and a perfect parent (ha ha)!

Finally, today, my friend Shayne from work brought me an AMAZING cupcake to help cheer me up since I've been very pregnant this week!

Delectable Reese's cupcake that makes you forget how to hate
 I may have already eaten half of it. I cannot confirm or deny this. What I can confirm is that it is such a great mood enhancer to have people surprise me with their acts of kindness!

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