Thursday, January 26, 2012



Look, I don't care how old I am or how mature I'm supposed to be now that I'm having a baby. The word "nipples" is hilarious. Nipples. Nipples. Nipples.

I actually hesitated to register for bottle nipples because I am slightly weird with someone buying me a nipple. They should pack all the nipples up into a box and name it something not awkward, like "feeding paraphernalia" or "bottle toppers" or maybe even "teats for the eats."

"I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?"
I saw a lot of nipples tonight. I went to breastfeeding class at my intended delivery hospital because I think I'm going to give that whole job a whirl. I don't see foreign nipples that often, and I'm wondering what quality info I missed because I was distracted by the variety in front of me during the videos they played in class. All shapes, sizes, colors. It was a nipplefest. I thought nipples were a dime a dozen. My world? It has been rocked.

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