Monday, January 30, 2012


Tally ho
I am starting a daily tally of how many comments I get about my pregnancy in the following categories: size, multiple babies, early birthing.

So far today the tally is as follows:
  • Size (i.e. "You're huge/large/big!"): 3 comments
  • Multiple babies (i.e. "How are the twins?"): 2 comments
  • Early birthing (i.e. "There's no way you're making it to the due date!"): 3 comments


  1. Oh NO! I know I made a comment about you going early on Saturday! I was hoping it came off as encouraging but perhaps I should know better and zip my lips!

  2. Cari, your comment was fine. I actually LIKE the idea of going early. In fact, I encourage Hannah to come early as long as it's in the safe "full term" range of early. However, in the case of unsolicited pregnancy comments, it's less cool when it's related to how ENORMOUS someone thinks I am...for example, "You're so BIG there's NO WAY you're going to make it to March!"


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