Thursday, January 5, 2012

word vomit

Can't a girl have a beer gut?
It is very true that when you become a pregnant person, you are automatically fair game for unsolicited advice and inappropriate comments. Some advice is good, particularly as it relates to superior products and baby-calming methods. However, I think some people see the baby belly and decide that it's OK to say.......whatever comes to mind.

Here are some examples of weight-related word vomit from the mouths of people without filters:
  • Are you sure there's only ONE baby in there?
  • I don't see how you're going to make it all 9 months already being that size.
  • Get ready to get fat!
  • My sister started out your size and wound up on bedrest her entire third trimester!
  • Your body will never be the same.
  • You look uncomfortable.
  • I saw your stomach turn the corner 5 minutes before the rest of you!
Early in the pregnancy, I was treated to a long list of horrific miscarriage tales. Then, I was delighted by a medley of awful stories related to pregnancy: aches, lengthy bedrest incidents, sleep deprivation, freak symptoms. Now, I hear the joys of labor. And by joys, I mean near-death experiences. Weeeeeeeeeee!
I think pregnancy is like the weather. Anyone who endures it will talk about it to anyone who will listen. We have it in common. And we all feel it a little differently.

What I do enjoy is hearing happy things about how great parenthood is, the joys of being responsible for this cute little person, and what a positive, life-changing experience becoming a parent can be. I realize it's not all roses, but why would you hand someone a handful of poison ivy if you had other options?

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