Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Julia is here!

Julia, the beautiful

I am beyond words ecstatic about the arrival of Julia Shaw Klasing, the beloved new daughter of our friends Neal and Emily! Baby J was born into this world at 8:39 a.m. today and started her life at 7 lbs 8 oz and 21.5 inches. I'm in such awe of Emily - she mastered labor without an epidural! Julia doesn't quite know this yet, but her best friend Hannah is only a couple of months away. Holding Julia tonight was such a blessing. Her sweet little baby noises. Her tiny features (except those nice, full out boys!). Her magnificent head of black hair. Exactly how God wanted it to be. It was fascinating to see my friends as they tried to take it all in, too. They are so proud, and I'm so proud of them. I can see how in just a matter of hours their entire world has been prioritized to center around this perfect little gift from God. I'm certain there is nothing more wonderful to live for.

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