Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby registry: Stuff, stuff, and more stuff

Scary building with baby stuff in it
Tonight we took our friend Kelly - who is experienced with two young girls of her very own - along with us on our first ever baby registration adventure. Holy crap. We hit up Babies R Us and left no aisle unvisited. I'm overwhelmed. We registered for many an item and still have more to go. There were some things we didn't shoot with the registry gun because we have a little more work to do where research is concerned. Apparently, there's a lot of stuff for babies and since babies don't come with a manual, I'm trusting friends and the interwebs to tell me what I need. Otherwise, Jason probably would have used the registry gun to shoot one of everything. We're still going to go to Target to see what kind of crap they have and then probably adjust our list, but for the time being, here is our Babies R Us registry.

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  1. Yes! Yay! You registered! I was pleasantly surprised to see we have exceptionally similar (read: good) taste in baby stuff.

    Do me a tiny favor, friend? Take off the Sophie the Giraffe teether from your registry. I received an extra one as a gift, and now, it shall be yours. Deal? :)



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