Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A good morning indeed

Today is a good morning, and how could it not be with this little thing staring back at you?

Things are looking up. Psychiatrist visit today, doctor visit tomorrow.....and positive thoughts for good health at all times!


  1. Hey there, friend! Oh my goodness gracious, Hannah is SO EXPRESSIVE, I am totally in love/awe with her.

    I just read over your posts about the relapse. They made me sad in my heart. I wish I had known, wish I could do something more for you than sit back idly and hope for a solution to surface.

    I think your instinct of it being hormonal is actually spot-on. Or, perhaps you're having a reaction to some of the anesthetic or epidural used in delivery? That stuff is powerful. I know you're crossed all those bridges in your mind, and they don't give you any relief. I want them to figure this business out, like, YESTERDAY.

    A mom I know posted something on Facebook about what the average Mom's day looks like, and it made my head spin. It's no wonder we ladies are all a bit on edge. There's so much to do, all the time, and we hold ourselves to this fire (bad choice of words) constantly to keep up with the frenetic pace of life. Work, baby, laundry, preparing meals, cleaning up, paying bills, filling the car with gas, doctor's appointments, scheduling time to relax (haha), family events, social gatherings, upkeep on a house, etc. Right? Right. It's kind of nuts.

    But the grace and glory of the human experience is as challenging as it is gut-wrenchingly fabulous. What precious gifts we have - each other, our husbands, our daughters. These fleeting moments of beauty are the foundation of our lives. They make up for the crazy chaos. They give us moments of pause. Thank you, God, for such beauty.

    And thank you for my friend Becky, who simply fucking rocks. (Ahem, pardon my French, but that words is appropriate there.)

    Love and hugs all over the place.

    1. Thank you Emily. It's been quite the trip. Being a mom does make your head spin! You are a fantastic mother and Julia is lucky to have you. And I am lucky to have you as a friend.


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