Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hannah's acts of heroism

Face of a hero
Don't let that innocent face fool you. Hannah has been accomplishing majorly heroic things lately! Here's the rundown:
  1. Yesterday she rolled over from her stomach to her back. Whoa!
  2. She has been sleeping through the night  for almost a week now, which tells us it's a habit. Hallelujah! 
  3. She just drank a full 8 oz bottle (although subsequently spit up approximately 2 oz of it, but whatever).
  4. She's really, really, really cute. All damn day.
  5. When Jason was feeding her this morning, she held her own bottle (although we don't think she knew she was doing it).
  6. She snuggled with me twice yesterday, nuzzling into my face, which really lifted my spirits.
  7. Her poop diapers smell like flowers. FLOWERS! (Alright, that's a lie.)
  8. Occasionally she makes giggle noises, which misleads Jason and me into believing that we're hysterical people.
  9. During BPT (baby party time), she swats at the dangling toys on her play mat and makes substantial contact. Future volleyball star.
  10. She has graduated into 3+ month sized clothing. We jam her awesome little robin belly right into those onesies. Sweetest sight to my eyes.
The list grows daily! What a superstar. My pride and joy.


  1. You come to my house and help my baby sleep through the night? Please? :D

    ROLLING OVER?! She's a genius baby!

    Aren't those little snuggles the absolute BESTEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE?! Yesterday, right before I put Julia to bed, I picked her up after a diaper change and she looked right at me, and reached her little wobbly baby-arm towards my cheek. Then she goes "ah-ga-ga-la-la-ga-ah-la" or whatever, and then PULLS my face into her face and goes, "ahhhhhhhhh" in the cutest little baby voice I've ever heard. And then she smiled all huge-like, and did it again.

    Melt. MELT.


    1. Em, you are so right. It is the BEST. There is absolutely nothing like the love of your baby. :)


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