Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another lazy Sunday

Sleepin' like a baby
I love watching her sleep. It's the sweetest thing. It's especially sweet when she and her daddy nap together on the couch. One of my favorite things to witness:
Hannah and daddy, another lazy Sunday
So precious.

Motivation has been hard to locate lately. I am lethargic and have no interest in doing a lot of things, which is unlike me. Pre-birth me had all kinds of things I liked to do (although I was always sleepy so that's not terribly new). I just want to feel like my old normal self again so bad and I just don't yet. It's frustrating. I'm weepier than usual, and although a million people tell me this will pass, I have an unrelenting fear that I'm stuck like this forever. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so we'll see if any medicine changes are made or if we're continuing on down this same trail. I am ready for something to really work already.

Hannah has her 4 month appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow. I can't believe she's almost 4 months old already. She's rolling onto her stomach now and keeping her head up really well. She has found her feet and her voice, so she's loud and roly poly, which is so cute. She likes her giraffe toy, Sophie, and pretty much enjoys putting anything and everything in her mouth.
The giraffe didn't stand a chance
I'm not sure she could be any cuter.

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