Thursday, June 12, 2014

Small steps and the art of allowing

I've been extra emotional over the past few days but I am forging through and feeling optimistic.

It may seem that I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook. For one, it's part of my job as a digital content strategist. For two, I love seeing where people are in their lives - their evolutions, who they surround themselves with nowadays, what parts of their faces they passed along to their children, what they do for work, what they do for fun, where they've traveled, what stirs their emotions - as a people watcher, it's like an online and far more personal version of sitting in the airport. For three, I see it as a bit of a personal archive. I love going back through the pictures and comments I have posted, reminiscing on where I was in life and how things have changed. And, finally, I love reading posts and articles and perspectives and learning new things and uncovering new ways of viewing the world from people. On that, I came across two things that really spoke to me today.
One was this:

I like being subscribed to this "Begin with Yes" page - it's like a daily dose of hope. This particular post spoke to me because I am struggling with my sense if purpose - what's this life about? Is this as good as it gets? Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing? Etc. The good news is that I am learning how to live in the present and to not underestimate the day of small things, as I recently posted. I like, as this image above mentions, the idea that today's small step may be the one that I look back on as a giant leap forward. You just never know, right?

The second bit of brilliance I read today was an article called "The Art of Allowing." I can't even summarize it or do it any sort of justice by providing highlights. If you're at all curious about what it means to deliberately allow people and things to be as they are, I encourage you to read it.

Be blessed today, friends!

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