Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halfway there!

halfway to the end zone

Today marks the midway point in my pregnancy! I probably should have spruced it up a bit for this milestone photograph, but give me a break, I'm pregnant!
20 weeks = halfway there
The 20-week point marks the perfect time to reflect on a few things I've learned in the past several months:
  1. Your body is not your body. Mine is on loan to me from God and to be used for magnificent things...getting from one good place to the next, schlepping around a soul that needs to stay gentle yet resilient, and - most importantly - providing a safe place for one precious Hannah Sophia Rutherford to begin her path into this scary and amazing world.
  2. It's OK to feel uncomfortable in your clothes when discomfort is happily outdone by the reason you feel it.
  3. Appetites can consume you, both when you're too nauseous to tolerate food or craving something that you have to have rightnow.
  4. Prenatal vitamins really do give you super long talons.
  5. There are no boundaries to strangers when you're pregnant. Talking to a pregnant woman removes a person's filter that would have otherwise prevented them from telling you about their terrible labor stories, their unsolicited opinions about the names you're considering, how BIG you're getting, and how you should go about your pregnancy or parenting. Everyone is an expert.
  6. Maternity clothes are expensive, so it's a great fortune to have friends who are willing to share theirs with yours so all you have to concern yourself with is a few pairs of paints early on.
  7. Unless you are having a high risk pregnancy, you might only get a total of two ultrasounds during your entire pregnancy. It's hard not to be able to see your baby and probably one of the most amazing gifts in the world when you do get to.
  8. Staying home and crawling into bed before 9 p.m. is a bit of heaven.
  9. Hormones own you both mentally and physically. Take it from my tears during touching TV commercials and the crippling ache in my lower right back.
  10. I am not in control.
So far pregnancy has been good to me and I pray that parenting is even better. I have a lot to learn still. Perhaps I shall start here?

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  1. These are all so good, and so true. However, I must disagree on your "cravings" comment. I mean, just because one eats a lunch portion plus a dinner portion of food at PF Chang's for lunch, followed by a mid-day snack of Panda Express, followed by an early evening snack of cheesecakes (plural), followed by a late evening snack of pizza certainly does NOT constitute that one is giving into cravings of any kind. Oh no. Nope.

    Also, the Traumatize Your Children book is the absolute best thing I've ever read. It's so funny, and true, and awesome! You rock, sister! Thank you!


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