Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hannah Banana!

You know how when you're naming a baby you start thinking about how other kids could use the name against your child? I was juuuust talking to my friend Emily about how the only nickname I could come up with for Hannah was Hannah Banana...I'm positive there will be a few kids calling her that, but if that's as bad as it gets, then so be it. At least we're not naming her Wenus.

So then - what d'ya know? - I check my phone app for the highly anticipated baby-in-fruit/vegetable size and it's a banana! Hannah freakin' Banana! Too funny.
Hannah Banana...har har har
I'm going to embrace it for a week. And I think you should too. And I think you should get it out of your system, because if you ever call my daughter Hannah Banana and it bothers her I'm going to nickname you and you're NOT going to like it. Trust me, I am good at rhyming, palindromes, and alliteration, and I will come up with a name for you and probably start a Facebook un-fan club page with your mean picture on it and rally millions of Facebookers behind the terrible nickname I've given you. Scared? You should be. You just made me make a crazy mom face and it's not pretty. Don't MESS with my baby.

OK, ok. Whew. Caaaalm down. Caaaalm down. Happy place. Beaches. Clouds. Kittens. Comfy socks and fireplaces.

Sorry you had to see me like that. I just got a little protective for a minute.

Good news is she's now 7" and 11 oz. Practically a toddler!

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  1. Beckles, you are so hilarious. I love that Hannah is a Banana this week (but ONLY this week!) You know, bananas aren't all bad - loads of potassium, a self-containing wrapper pouch that's biodegradable, and cheerfully yellow. Some call it the perfect food. I call Hannah the perfect Baby Banana. This week only... on your blog.

    Comfy socks and fireplaces - with kittens - it's so intense.


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