Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hannah accouterment

In what will go down in the books as one of the best days I've experienced in my pregnancy history, my gal pal Emily and I went shopping last Saturday for baby clothes. Emily is a fellow impregnated person, due January 4th, planning to have a girl, too! I had a lot of pent up need to purchase because so far I've been on my best behavior and not purchased a single unnecessary item. The theme of the day was 'baby girl sock shopping' but that all changed when the socks were on racks next to clothes. It became a day of many clothes purchases, and it felt so very good.

Here's a sample of what's now in Hannah's developing closet:
Monkey sleepwear
This fantastic monkey sleepwear puts the p-eautiful in pajamas. With easy-access snap-infused bottoms and a sock monkey emblem offering the illusion that slumber can be fun, this fabulous evening wear is sure to keep it hip in the crib.

Lamb head decor
To add some flare to the tiny little Hannah head, we've selected this faux wool hat complete with faux striped animal cloth. Sure, there's a lot of faux here, but I'm not going to put dead animals on my fragile baby's head, for pete's sake. This darling yet functional noggin decor will keep her looking sweet in the spring and feeling warm in the winter.

Bohemian baby dress
This bohemian baby dress is going to make Hannah look like she's nothing but peace, love, and binkies whether she's sitting in a rattle circle or simply crawling around amongst Mother Nature. When Emily saw this on the hanger, she said "That's so Hannah." Clearly, I agreed.

Evening ensemble
Every girl needs something chic to toss on when heading out for a late night bottle, and this gorgeous red-and-white polka dot cocktail dress just screams "It's 5 o'clock (a.m. or p.m.) somewhere." Pair this with a hot set of booties and she's sure to have some baby boys droolin'.

Casual crawl-wear
You never know what the day may bring, so you'd better be prepared if that day includes tennis, golf, napping, or enjoying a carseat sightseeing adventure. For that reason, Hannah will stay appropriately dressed in this gloriously dotted skirt with flirty layers, topped off with a plum polo inspired by her father (who happens to love himself some polos). What's not to love?

3D owl booties
As the grand finale to our runway show, here is the last but perhaps most critical element: owl socks. Owl designs are all the rage among both born and soon-to-be born babies, and these bold booties with fun, poofy owls will surely draw the eye right to her sweet tiny toes.

Granted, this is not the full depiction of all that was purchased, but this should serve as a quality sampling.

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